"It's a stew of musical ideas and stories sourced from many different points in time, but firmly held together by Pope's consistent songwriting voice. From the tale of survival in "Work" to gracing international stages, he's done a thorough job of smashing through obstacles and proving his doubters wrong."


"Sounds Like earnest, melodic story songs written and sung by a guy who knows his way around an electric guitar. For Fans of Tom Petty's hooks, Little Feat's grooves, the rock and soul wing of Americana"

"The tart kiss-off track "Can't Stay Here," premiering below, gets an assist from singer-songwriter Katie Schecter and evokes the sweet-and-sour power pop of Fleetwood Mac."

"His forthcoming album Work, out August 18th, expertly balances raucous, horn-accented tales of misbehaving like "Bad for Your Health" and "Let's Get Stoned" with quiet, contemplative numbers."

Uncut - Album review (print edition)

"Atlanta's answer to The Boss."

"'Work' finds Pope more in thrall with the E Street Band than ever on vivacious blue-collar anthems such as "Can't Stay Here" & "Let's Get Stoned." Yet he's at his best when his swagger is set aside on the banjo-laden "Someday We're All Gonna Die" the gentle lilt of "The Weather" and the plaintive title track, which filters its obvious Nebraska influence via the 21st century troubadourisms of Ryan Adams and Josh Ritter.

"Heart on it's sleeve, everyman rock at it's most universally appealing"

Mother Church Pew
"Getting To Work" Episode 1 premiere

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"Stick Around"

Video premiere + Interview  




"Honesty and humility are the essential elements when it comes to any songwriter's success, and in that regard Pope proves he has the credence to make music that resonates even after the final notes fade away. These songs are genuinely affecting, offering insights into an artist who's eager to grapple with all the issues that impede the path that lies before him. If "Work" proved a challenge when it came to laying his emotions bare, there's little doubt as well that it was indeed a labor of love."


"Pope has maintained a fierce independence, so if not a household name, the reward of his effort is that he doesn't have to care what other people think or how his music is classified. Ron Pope’s music is honest, it comes from the heart, and defies any glib categorisation. Work embodies that integrity with a collection of songs based on his own experiences involving people who have featured in his life and is perfectly recorded in a few takes to tape."

"Ron Pope's latest track is seriously addictive." - TEAM COCOBFYH PREMIERE 

"The announcement of a new album for this year is like manna from heaven." - emo at heart 

"Impressive harmonies? Butter-smooth vocals? Nuanced, thoughtful lyrics? Check, check, and check...Ron Pope’s latest release, “The Last,” available exclusively on Spotify, is a gracefully written and gorgeously presented song. “My train of thought, it left the station / without a clear destination,” Pope sings. For Zac Brown Band fans in particular, the Nashville-based artist’s latest will appeal immensely, with smooth country sensibilities and well-placed harmonies..." - THE SHOTGUN SEAT, "THE LAST" REVIEW

"Downright infectious with its Bruce Springsteen vibe, “Bad For Your Health” is a bold departure from Pope’s more stoic pieces—full of horns, southern rock swing, and powerful vocal grit...Work is a lyrical celebration of Pope’s life—where he started, the missteps he avoided, the whims and beauty of love, with some hell-raising thrown in for good measure." - MOTHER CHURCH PEW, "WORK" ALBUM REVIEW 

"Ron’s the Pope of Dope in ‘Let’s get stoned’ a languid drag on the bush-weed replete with a hazy bliss of saxy horns." - MUSIC NEWS, "WORK" ALBUM REVIEW 

"It kicks down the door with the opening Bad For Your Health, a storming, horns-driven blast of R&B that tells of a run in with a frat boy in Panama city and a red-haired girl from Birmingham. Then it strides across the wreckage to get to the lurching soul of the self-explanatory Let’s Get Stoned that comes across like a meeting between The Band and The Stones mediated by ahorn section. Then, with its insistent beat and tumbling melody line Can’t Stay Here draws on the blue collar pop sensibilities of both Buddy Holly and The Drifters." - FOLK RADIO, ALBUM REVIEW 

"Downright infectious with its Bruce Springsteen vibe, “Bad For Your Health” is a bold departure from Pope’s more stoic pieces—full of horns, southern rock swing, and powerful vocal grit." - MOTHER CHURCH PEW, ALBUM REVIEW

"Pope recently unleashed his critically-lauded new album, Work, which brims with his signature-style stories of love, loss, family, and, as the title indicates, work. A blend of fictional ideas and autobiography, the thread of continuity of the album is the emotional truth each song bears. “I do what feels good to me at the time,” says the fiercely independent Pope of his music. “I let it do what it do.”" - MOTHER CHURCH PEW LIVE SESSION