Freshly minted father, Ron Pope, has been navigating a sea change as of late. In the immediate aftermath of the birth of his first child, before he’d found his footing in this extraordinary new reality, a jarring incident left him contemplating his own mortality. After completely scrapping early recording sessions for an upcoming album, Pope set out on a new path, crafting incredibly candid songs directed squarely at his daughter. Some songs speak to her directly and muse on the experience of fatherhood, while others reflect on a personal experience that has a lesson or a moral. Attempting to use music to explain the principles that have guided his own life forced Pope to mine his hard-fought journey from impoverished child of teenaged parents to broken-hearted New York street musician and finally, to the father, husband and songwriter that he is today.

"There's nothing quite like creating a new life to make you fixated on how finite your own time on this earth is. What if I'm not here to answer these questions for her as they come up? That idea haunted me. As a father who is also a songwriter, I knew that I could leave this trail of breadcrumbs for my baby. In general, I feel like my records are made for everybody; this one's just for her. Fatherhood is my vocation and these reflections on my life are pointed directly at my child, so for me, the music I've created here is more important than any work I've ever attempted before."